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    A rare artistic gem exhibits in Middelfart

    Middelfart: For the artist Thea Vos, emotions are a universal fact, which is independent of culture, race and spirit of the times.

    Man and animals are always included as essential elements in his paintings, and these can at times seem lonely and anonymous with blindfolds, masks and faceless or headless, other times with partly obvious facial features without reference to a particular person.

    In the process of uncovering what is essential to the narrative she is engaged in, the painting undergoes major changes along the way, with powerful overpaintings, changes in the structure, new visible surprising elements.

    Thea Vos was born in 1956. The artist lives and works in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

    The exhibition runs from October 29 to November 14. Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11-16 in Oscar & Friends Art Gallery in Søndergade 65, Middelfart.


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    #artworkoftheweek@affordableartfairnl Our #artworkoftheweek this week comes courtesy of the brilliant @theavos from @galeriedeploegh

    We were completely drawn in by the enigmatic interplay between these mysterious figures and the skill with which Thea combines opaque and solid forms. Looking forward to seeing this dreamy painting in the flesh in at our special Dutch Edition of Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 🇳🇱



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    Won the first prize....

    Gimme Shelter - Thea Vos, The Netherlands The painter, Thea Vos ends her artist's statement with these words: "The work must always meet the criterion that it is “real”. Only then is the work completed."  I really felt that as I saw this painting. It felt complete...the brushstrokes that stopped and started again give the satisfaction of storytelling. The title of this piece is taken from the song of the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter"  Vos is showing us that very disturbing story that tells us, "War, children, it's just a shot away." I can identify with the ghosts and reality of fear looking straight at me.
    I found that artwork truly fascinating with its content and the way Vos treated the subject in her artistic painterly way.

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    Kunst&Kleding, een samenwerking van Odylle Verkuijl, Wikkelindustrees en Thea Vos. De afbeelding van mijn schilderijen zijn digitaal overgebracht op verschillende soorten eco-stoffen, de modellen zijn ontorpen en vervaardigd door WikkelIndustrees.

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